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dates: 2017-09-01
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First, no credit, hard work is "white laborer":

        1, the business is the result, not the process.

        2, in the enterprise, no matter how hard the staff, if the lack of efficiency, did not make performance, then all the hard work is in vain, all paid no value.

        3, We adhere to the performance of the access and promotion as a management starting point, the performance level as an assessment of the effective management.

        4, the value of work and market value determines the distribution of staff benchmarks, the level of performance determines the actual access to staff.

        5, we pursue positive and negative. To give a positive result is to make our work productive and to do anything good to pursue a good result. We oppose just saying no, and we are opposed to doing it ineffectively. Only perseverance to pay, work without compromise, in order to get the desired return.

        6, the degree of enterprise recognition of employee value, depending on how much employee performance for the enterprise.

Second, do not leave the team easily, otherwise you have to start from scratch:

        1, do not always think of doing something to give up, which teams have problems, which teams have advantages.

        2, with the leadership is very important, willing to teach you, let go let you do the leadership, must cherish.

        3, the team's problem is that you stand out from the crowd, complaining and complaining team is playing their own slap in the face, saying that they are incompetent, but also give up opportunities.

        4, feel grateful heart, thanks to the system to your platform, thanks to the partners to you.

        5, to create efficiency is the core value of your existence, entrepreneurship is not to do charity.

        6, encounter problems, think about it, only reflect the problem is the primary level, thinking and problem solving is the advanced level.

Third, the problem is your chance:

        1, the company's problem: that is your chance of improvement.

        2, the customer's question: is your chance to provide services.

        3, their own problems: that is your chance of growth.

        4, colleagues, the problem: that is, you provide support for the establishment of cooperation opportunities.

        5, the leadership of the problem: that is, you actively solve the opportunity to gain trust.

        6, the problem of competitors: It is your chance to become stronger.

Fourth, only to find ways to succeed, not to find an excuse for failure:

        1, complicated things simple to do, you are an expert, simple things to repeat, you are experts, repeated things intentions to do, you are the winner.

        2, if you do not want to do, always find an excuse, if you really want to do, will always find a way!

Five, who can finally enjoy the victory results?

        1, can always grow with the team.

        2, always optimistic about the prospects of the team.

        3, in the team's continuous exploration can find their own location.

        4, for the team's new goal of continuous learning new things people.

        5, strong compressive ability and resistance.

        6, with the team work together, help each other, share the same hardship.

        7, do not care about personal gain and care of the overall situation.

        8, ambitious, both ability and political integrity, dedication.

Six, white cats black cats, catches the mouse is a good cat:

        1, the performance is the most powerful proof of value.

        2, What is the standard of excellent staff? Performance! This is the age of results on the hero, which is based on the results as a test of all the times.

Seven, no performance is the exploitation of enterprises:

Take the boss salary but enterprising, is in vain consumption of company resources. Employees can not create value for the company, is exploiting the business.

Eight, where does your salary come from:

        1, why the boss pay your salary?

        2, there is no rapid development of enterprises and high profits, employees can not get huge salaries. Only if the company makes money can employees get a better return. In a sense, making money for the company is a pay raise for yourself.

        3. No matter what line we are engaged in, we must prove ourselves as precious assets of the company with good performance, prove our value, and prove that we can help the company to create profits. Who can create more performance for the company, of course, who will pay high.

        4, Bill Gates: "The people who make money for the company are the people who the company needs most."

Nine, with first-class performance stuck boss's heart:

Each boss for their own benefit, only those who left the most capable business staff. Pie will not fall from the sky in vain, only you work hard and achieve some results, the boss will reuse you.

As a business entity, a company must rely on profits to sustain its development. If it wants to develop, it requires every employee in the company to contribute its own strength and intelligence. The company is a battlefield where employees work hard to justify their performance, and the only way employees can justify their performance is performance. No matter when and where, if you did not make a performance, sooner or later you are an abandoned piece, therefore, the performance is our dignity, performance is our honor!

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