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State Department issued heavy documents building industry, brothers stand up their sleeves Come on!

Date: 2017-08-31
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Release date: 2017-08-31
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Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Promoting Sustainable and Healthy Development of Construction Industry

                                                                                                                                    State-owned hair 〔2017〕 19 号

People's governments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, ministries and commissions under the State Council,

Construction industry is the pillar industry of the national economy. Since the reform and opening up, China's construction industry has been developing rapidly, its construction capability has been continuously enhanced, the scale of its industries has been constantly expanded, a large number of rural laborers have been absorbed, a large number of related industries have been driven and great contributions have been made to economic and social development, urban and rural construction and livelihood improvement. However, we should also see that the construction industry is still large and not strong, the regulatory system and mechanism are not perfect, the construction and organization methods are backward, the architectural design level needs to be improved, the quality and safety accidents occur frequently, the market has more illegal activities and the core competitiveness of enterprises Not strong, low quality workers and other issues more prominent. In order to implement the "Several Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Further Strengthening the Management of Urban Planning," further deepen the reform of the "construction and management" of the construction industry, speed up the industrial upgrading, promote the sustained and healthy development of the construction industry, and provide support for the new urbanization. The State Council agrees to put forward the following opinions:

First, the overall requirements

Fully implement the spirit of the 18th CPC National Congress and the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Plenary Sessions of the 18th CPC Central Committee and the Central Economic Work Conference, the Central Urbanization Conference and the Central Urban Work Conference, and thoroughly implement the general secretary Xi Jinping series Important speech, new ideas and new ideas of governing the country; carefully implement the decision-making arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, make overall plans to promote the overall arrangement of the "five in one" and coordinate and promote the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, firmly establish and implement the principles of innovation, Coordination, greenness, openness and sharing, adhere to the principle of advancing the supply-side structural reforms and deepen the reform of the "administration and discharge" of the construction industry in accordance with the requirements of applicability, economy, safety, greenness and beauty, improve the regulatory system and mechanisms, Optimize the market environment, upgrade the quality and safety level of the project, strengthen team building, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, promote the sustainable and healthy development of the construction industry, and build the "China-built" brand.

Second, deepen the reform of decentralization of the construction industry

(A) optimize the qualification management. Further simplify the construction of enterprise qualification categories and levels set to reduce unnecessary qualification. Select some areas to carry out pilot projects, and to those enterprises that have good credit quality, relevant professional technical capabilities and are able to provide full guarantees, they will relax their restrictions on the scope of business operations within their qualification categories and at the same time speed up the improvement of the credit system, engineering guarantee and qualification of individual practitioners Supporting system to strengthen the matter after the supervision. We will strengthen the qualification management of individual practitioners, clarify the rights, obligations and responsibilities of registered practitioners and intensify the investigation of practicing responsibilities. Develop individual practice firms in an orderly manner and promote the establishment of a personal practice insurance system. Vigorously promote the "Internet + government services", the implementation of "one-stop" online approval, to further improve the construction field of administrative examination and approval efficiency.

(B) improve the bidding system. We will speed up the revision of the "Provisions on Scope and Scale of Bidding for Construction Projects", narrow down and strictly define the scope of construction projects that must be bided, relax the relevant scale standards and prevent bidding for construction projects from being "cut across the board." In private investment in housing construction projects, exploration by the construction unit to decide on the contract method. The construction projects that must be bided according to law shall be included in a unified trading platform for public resources and the principles of fairness, fairness, openness and honesty shall be followed to standardize the bidding and bidding. Further streamline the bidding process and implement the electronicization of the whole process of bidding and bidding as soon as possible, so as to conduct the bid evaluation outside the web. For construction projects of government procurement that determine suppliers according to law through competitive negotiation or single source, construction permits shall be issued in accordance with the corresponding conditions.

Third, improve the engineering construction and organization mode

(C) accelerate the general contracting of the project. In principle, the prefabricated contracting mode should be adopted for the prefabricated buildings. Government investment projects should improve the construction and management mode, take the lead in the implementation of project general contracting. Accelerate the improvement of EPC projects related to the bidding, construction permits, completion and acceptance system rules. In accordance with the principle of overall responsibility for the total contractor, the implementation of project general contractor units in project quality and safety, progress control, cost management and other aspects of the responsibility. Except for the project whose temporary valuation is included in the scope of general contracting of the project and must be bided according to law, the general contracting entity may directly outsource other specialized businesses covered by the general contracting contract.

(D) cultivate the whole process of engineering consulting. Encourage investment consulting, survey, design, supervision, bidding agency, cost and other enterprises to adopt joint management, mergers and acquisitions and other ways to develop the whole process of engineering consulting, cultivate a batch of international standards of the whole process engineering consulting enterprises. Development of the whole process engineering consulting services technical standards and contract templates. Government investment projects should take the lead in the implementation of the whole process of engineering consulting, non-governmental investment projects to encourage the whole process of engineering consulting services. In civil construction projects, give full play to the leading role of architects, to encourage the provision of the entire process of engineering consulting services.

Fourth, to strengthen project quality and safety management

(E) strict implementation of project quality responsibility. We should fully implement the project quality responsibility of all parties, in particular, we should strengthen the primary responsibility of construction units and the main responsibility of survey, design and construction units. Strict implementation of the project quality of life-long responsibility system, in the obvious parts of the building set permanent signs, the main publicity quality responsibility and the main responsibility. Those who violate the relevant provisions and cause project quality accidents shall be given administrative sanctions such as suspending the operation of the responsible units according to law, lowering the qualification level and revoking the qualification certificates, and publicizing through the State Enterprise Credit Information Disclosure System, giving the practicing practitioners suspended to practice and revoking the qualification certificates, A period of time until life can not enter the industry and other penalties. In case of any loss caused by engineering quality accidents, it shall be investigated for economic liability in accordance with the law and the legal responsibility of the relevant units and personnel shall be investigated in serious circumstances. Construction enterprises involved in the development of real estate should operate in accordance with laws and regulations to improve the quality of residential buildings.

(Vi) strengthen safety management. We will fully implement the responsibility for safety production and strengthen the safety protection at the construction site. In particular, we should strengthen the management of sub-projects that are more dangerous such as deep foundation pits, high-support molds, and cranes, as well as the risks to major construction projects in adverse geologic regions Evaluate or demonstrate. Promote the depth of integration of information technology and production safety, speed up the construction of building safety supervision information system, through the means of information to strengthen safety management. Establish and improve a full coverage, multi-level and regular production safety training system to enhance the safety and quality of employees and the intrinsic safety of all parties involved.

(VII) To raise the overall level of supervision. Improve engineering quality and safety laws and regulations and management system, improve the enterprise responsible, government supervision, social supervision of the project quality and safety guarantee system. Strengthen the government supervision of project quality, a clear scope of supervision, the implementation of regulatory responsibilities, increase the spot checks, focusing on strengthening the foundation of the project involving the foundation of public safety, the main structure of the site and the completion of inspection and supervision and inspection links. Strengthen the construction of engineering quality supervision team, supervise the funds required by the department to perform its functions shall be fully guaranteed by the financial budget at the same level. The government may take the purchase of services, entrusted with the conditions of social forces for project quality supervision and inspection. Promote project quality and safety standardization management, urge all parties to improve the quality and safety control mechanism. Strengthen the supervision of engineering supervision, select some areas to carry out the supervision unit to the government to report the quality supervision of the pilot. Strengthen the management of engineering quality inspection agencies and crack down on issues such as false reports. Promote the development of project quality insurance.

Fifth, optimize the construction market environment

(8) Establish a unified and open market. Breaking barriers to market access in the region and abolishing unreasonable access conditions for construction enterprises set by laws and administrative regulations and other provisions of the State Council in all regions and industries. It is strictly forbidden to establish or disguise unauthorized examination and filing of matters for the construction industry enterprises Fair market environment. We will improve the nationwide public service platform for construction market regulation and accelerate the data exchange with the national credit information sharing platform and the state enterprise credit information publicity system. Establish a blacklist system for the main body of the construction market, fully disclose credit records of enterprises and individuals in accordance with laws and regulations, and accept social supervision.

(Ix) Strengthen contracting performance management. Guide the contracting enterprises to provide guarantees for construction units in the form of bank guarantee or guarantee company guarantee. For government investment projects adopting the conventional and common technical standards, the bidding of the lowest bidding price should be implemented in principle while the performance guarantee should be effectively implemented to prevent malicious bidding and bidding at low prices so as to ensure that the project investment does not exceed the budget. Strict investigation of subcontracting and illegal acts. Improve the bill of quantities pricing system and project cost information release mechanism, the formation of a unified project cost pricing rules, a reasonable determination and effective control of project costs.

(X) regulate the settlement of the project price. The auditing organ shall, in accordance with the law, strengthen the auditing and supervision over the public construction projects dominated by the government investment, and the construction unit shall not treat the unfinished auditing as the reason for settling the delay projects and for default of the construction funds. Projects that have not been completed and settled, the relevant departments shall not handle property registration. Units that have been in arrears for long periods of time shall not approve the start of new projects. Strict implementation of the project advance payment system, in accordance with the contract in a timely manner to pay prepayment to the contracting unit. Through the payment of construction funds and other economic and legal means to constrain the performance of construction units, to prevent arrears of construction funds.

Sixth, improve the quality of employees

(11) Accelerate the training of construction personnel. Actively cultivate architects with both international perspective and national confidence. Accelerate the training of senior management personnel familiar with international rules in the construction industry. Vigorously promote the school-enterprise cooperation, training construction professionals. Strengthen construction site management and construction workers in education and training. Improve the standard system of occupational skills in the construction industry and fully implement the system of appraisal of occupational skills of construction workers. Develop a batch of skill appraisers of construction workers to carry out appraisal of construction workers skills. By formulating the basic equipment standards for skilled workers on the construction site, issuing various skill levels and labor cost information for the types of work, etc., enterprises are encouraged to devote their salary distribution to the key technical skills positions. Vigorously promote the spirit of craftsmen, cultivate high-quality construction workers, the construction industry mid-level workers by 2020 the number of skilled workers reached 3 million, 2025 to 10 million.

(12) reform the construction employment system. Promote the transformation of the construction industry labor service enterprises, vigorously develop woodworking, electrician, masonry, steel production and other operating mainly to professional enterprises. To professional enterprises as the main carrier of construction workers, and gradually realize the corporative construction workers, professional management. Encourage the existing specialized enterprises to further improve their expertise and competitiveness and promote the formation of a batch of home-based construction industry specialized enterprises. Promote the transformation of migrant workers in construction industry to skilled workers and strive to stabilize and expand the employment of migrant workers in the construction industry. Establish a nationwide information platform for management of construction workers, carry out real-name management of construction workers, and record information such as identity information, training conditions, vocational skills and employment records of construction workers and gradually achieve full coverage.

(Thirteen) protect the legitimate rights and interests of workers. We will fully implement the labor contract system and step up inspections. We urge construction units and construction workers recruited to sign labor contracts in accordance with the law and substantially complete the employment contract by 2020. Improve the wage payment security system, according to who is responsible for the work and the general contractor is responsible for the overall principle of implementing the corporate wage payment responsibilities, according to the law fully paid monthly wages. Blacklisting enterprises that owe wages in arrears, adopting disciplinary measures such as restricting market access, and lowering their qualification levels in serious cases. Establish and improve social security insurance payment methods compatible with the construction industry, and vigorously promote construction units to participate in work injury insurance. The construction unit should fulfill its social responsibilities and continuously improve the working environment for construction workers so as to enhance their occupational health level and promote the stable employment of construction workers.

Seven, to promote the construction industry modernization

(Xiv) Promote smart and prefabricated buildings. Adhere to the standardization of design, factory production, assembly construction, integrated decoration, information management, intelligent applications, and promote innovation in construction methods, and vigorously develop the prefabricated concrete and steel structures, wherever possible to promote the development of modern wood-framed buildings , Continue to improve the proportion of fabricated buildings in the new building. Strive for 10 years or so, so that the proportion of fabricated building construction area of 30%. In the new buildings and existing buildings to promote the popularization of intelligent applications, improve the intelligent system operation and maintenance mechanisms, to achieve the construction of a safe, energy efficient.

(Fifteen) to enhance the level of architectural design. Architectural design should reflect the geographical features, national characteristics and the style of the times, highlighting the functions of building use and energy saving, water conservation, land, materials and environmental protection requirements, to provide functional and affordable, safe, reliable, technologically advanced, environmentally coordinated building Design products. Improve the characteristics of the architectural design to adapt to the tender bidding system, the implementation of the design team bidding, design tender and other ways. To promote the fair competition between domestic and foreign architectural design enterprises and cultivate the international competitiveness of the architectural design team. Advocacy for building reviews, to promote the integration of architectural design and sublimation.

(XVI) Strengthen technology research and development. Accelerate the research and development, manufacture and promotion of advanced construction equipment and intelligent equipment to enhance the performance and efficiency of various types of construction equipment and enhance the degree of mechanized construction. Limit and eliminate backward and dangerous workmanship methods to ensure the safety of production and construction. Actively support the construction industry research work, substantially increase the contribution of technological innovation to industrial development. Accelerate the integrated application of BIM technology in the whole process of planning, survey, design, construction and operation and maintenance, and realize the data sharing and information management in the entire life cycle of construction projects, and provide the basis for project optimization and scientific decision-making, Promote construction quality and efficiency.

(Seventeen) improve the standards of construction. We will consolidate and streamline compulsory standards and appropriately increase the mandatory indicators such as safety, quality, performance, health and energy conservation, and gradually raise the standards. Actively foster group standards and encourage relevant bodies such as industry associations and industry alliances to jointly formulate standards that meet market and innovation needs, establish a standard supply system that combines mandatory and group standards, and increase the effective supply of standards. Promptly carry out standard review, speed up the revision of the standard, improve the timeliness of the standard. Strengthen scientific and technological research and development and standard-setting information communication, the establishment of national engineering standards committee of experts to provide technical support for the standardization of engineering construction, improve the quality and standard.

Eight, speed up the construction industry enterprises "going out"

(Eighteen) strengthen the convergence of Chinese and foreign standards. Actively carry out comparison research on Chinese and foreign standards, adapt to internationally accepted standard content structure, elemental indicators and related terminology, and narrow the technological gap between Chinese standards and advanced foreign standards. We will step up efforts to translate and promote the Chinese version of the standard foreign language and take the strategy of "One Belt and One Road" as our lead. We will give priority to the promotion and application of foreign investment, technology export and reconstruction projects. Actively participate in international standards certification, exchange and other activities, carry out engineering and technical standards of bilateral cooperation. By 2025, there will be a foreign version of the national standard for project construction.

(XIX) to improve the ability of foreign contracting. Overall planning and coordination of construction industry "going global", give full play to China's construction enterprises in the high-speed rail, highways, electricity, ports, airports, oil and gas pipelines, high-rise buildings and other construction projects comparative advantage, a targeted, focused and organized

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