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Status Quo and Prospects of China's Steel Structure Industry (Part Two)

Date: 2017-08-31
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Release date: 2017-08-31
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Second, the crux and prospect of China's steel structure industry

Entering into 2015, the investment bubble, the capital market bubble and even the real estate bubble are recovering. When the real economy re-enters the winter and is different from the "emergency" in 2008, the current real economy is suffering from "chronic diseases" No matter what medicine to pull the economy, no effect on the physical manufacturing. Since the beginning of this year, there has been a wave of manufacturing closures and the PMI has fallen into a downturn. Some big manufacturing provinces reported one after another factory closures: Nokia shut down factories in Beijing and Dongguan, several million manufacturing companies in Dongguan and Suzhou went bankrupt, and every day traditional manufacturing in Wenzhou disappeared ... China is World powers, now everything is surplus, steel structure enterprises have also entered the depth of winter, layoffs, cut production, pay cut bonus, many companies are in a depression and a mess.

Not long ago, the State Council issued "Several Opinions on Strengthening the Service and Supervision of Market Entities by Using Big Data" (the "Opinions"), which officially announced the application of big data. For the construction industry that is already in the wave of BIM and "Internet +", how to deal with and make good use of a large amount of engineering-related data is the most crucial factor for the transformation of information technology.

1, the crux of the steel structure industry

First, quick success, the lack of long-term development plan. Over the years the state pay attention to GDP, repeat, blindly expand reproduction, year after year busy, no thought of engaging in science and technology, innovation, devote themselves to the development of new products, but also no down-to-earth style of service to do our best. Interview: China's steel output has reached 850 million tons. Rizhao Steel held a special case workshop on ESP production of high-grade steel on July 8, this year it will invest 5 production lines with the first production capacity of 2.55 million tons.

Second, people impetuous, do not pay attention to learning, do not pay attention to technology, do not pay attention to personnel. Driven by profit, no mind to learn, to study. Enterprise technology R & D team is getting weaker and weaker, the level of technical workers, sense of responsibility, the attitude of excellence is getting worse. People impetuous, frequent job-hopping, corporate culture, technology research and development, management, lack of skills heritage, more and more downhill.

Third, there is no faith, morality, integrity and responsibility, resulting in a series of irreparable losses and consequences. Brutal, opportunistic, the lack of international vision. As a great joy, good news does not report worries. Our society and enterprises are accustomed to singing praises and boasting that many companies often say that "our products have reached the international level, the products we have independently developed have been patented and the world is in a leading position, etc. The actual situation is that individual indicators have reached At the international level, but overall the difference is still far, or simply plagiarizing the technology or products of advanced countries, not to the international stage to display, unveiled.Fourth colleges and universities, research institutes and enterprises poor convergence, all these years However, there are many scientific research projects in the world, and a series of projects have been taken out and scientific research funds from many countries have been taken away with little success. Righteousness, loss of ethics, morality and basic personality.In such circumstances, even with conscientious professors, researchers will give up because of the slow return, the long period of growth and growth, and the inability to resist loneliness.

2, China's steel industry outlook

The rise and fall of world powers has repeatedly proved that without strong manufacturing, there is no strong nation and nation. Building the manufacturing industry with international competitiveness is the only way for China to enhance its overall national strength, safeguard its national security and build a powerful nation in the world. China's steel structure industry in the road full of difficulties and twists and turns. We must abandon the "three pains": the pain of interest, the pain of habit and the pain of change so as to get out of a path of healthy development.

A, learn the "Made in Germany" spirit, work hard on durability. German steel structure has roughly five basic characteristics: durable, pragmatic, reliable, safe and precise. In 1906, Germany and Thailand to build a bridge in Lanzhou, Gansu Zhongshan Bridge, built in 1909. The contract stipulates that the bridge promises a solid 80 years since its completion. In the campaign to liberate Lanzhou in 1949, the deck boards were burned and the stringers left a bullet, but the bridge was as steady as usual. In 1989, 80 years after the completion of the bridge, German experts made a special inspection of the bridge and put forward proposals for reinforcement and also stated that the contract expired. Today, Zhongshan Bridge is still used as usual, and was listed as municipal heritage conservation units.

B, manufacturing advantage will never depend on the price. Germans admit that "Germany is the United States is inexpensive." Germans are not so greedy, endless pursuit of profit, as long as there is money to earn, but also consider more long-term, sustainable development. Therefore, the Germans would rather "make some profits into higher quality products and more perfect services while ensuring basic profits."

C, learning "craftsmanship." Chairman Hao Jiping said in the conference of construction steel structure industry in April this year that "the upgrading of manufacturing started to come into the stage of landing from the government report. The integration of new-type industrialization and information technology will drive the transformation of industrial manufacturing to modernization, informatization and intelligence Transformation. The future of steel structure workshop equipment 'can speak, think', to achieve intelligent production.He President for the steel structure to improve the production elements of the building depicts a beautiful scenery.

Steel construction industry is the most need to be the Internet revolution in the industry, is one of the largest big data industry, but it is also the current lack of big data industry. The State Council issued "Opinions on Strengthening the Service and Supervision of Market Entities by Using Big Data" (the "Opinions"), which officially announced the application of big data. Steel associates who are already in the wave of BIM and "Internet +" must set up specialized platforms for communication and exchange in light of the development needs of the industry to discuss the new situation in the development of the industry and lead the enterprises in grasping the pulse of the times and the development direction. For the industry, enterprises provide a reference.

Project cost information is the industry trend, enterprise database construction is the vanguard. Some industry experts pointed out that through BIM can better deal with cost management, "more, faster, better, provincial, accurate and complete" to obtain material price data, build the enterprise core database and effective management. "These are the everyday problems engineering practitioners face when they have to spend a lot of time and people accumulating information about complex product costs and project management information while BIM and the Internet + To the Internet, to achieve the sunshine, transparent procurement process, to better build the core material price database, index database, project database, supplier database.

It is understood that Zhejiang, Hunan, Anhui, Shandong and other places have set up or prepared for construction credit data platform for construction, construction market database, etc., and regularly release the "black list" of default breach of contract. The lack of credit in all the parties in the construction market in our country is widespread, and the issue of "short board" of integrity is outstanding. Some enterprises do not follow the project construction procedures, or illegal subcontracting projects, or key technical positions do not work to fulfill their duties, or cut corners in construction, resulting in quality problems and security risks. Dynamic data recording through big data platform and effective linkage between construction market management and construction site supervision help to better realize "a database of data, supervise a network and manage a line."

This year's GDP was the worst since the outbreak of the U.S. financial crisis in 2014, probably the biggest asset bubble in nearly a decade. At a recent high-level economic forum, some experts judge that the Chinese economy will successfully bottom out within the next two years. This is a very important decision made by policymakers, thinking that we are in the bottom two channels for the next two years. China's steel structure industry must proceed from the layout of the atmosphere, highlighting, bright, with characteristics, abandon the layout of lime, stingy, assimilation; the pursuit of products in large, delicate, stress, novelty, difficult, get rid of obsolete products, stupid, low technological content , Layout and placement is not pay attention to the situation, to move faster, stronger and better

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